5 Practical, Cool Ways to Organize Your Chaotic Sewing Room

How many times have you thought, “I have GOT to get my sewing stuff organized?”  Do you make a New Year’s Resolution every year to straighten up your sewing area – and then put it off until next year? Are you overwhelmed with how many piles of fabric and drawers crammed with notions you have?  

Don’t despair. You can do it! 

Here are 5 practical, cool ways to organize your chaotic sewing room. 

Number One: Small Item Storage  

Jars are Stars - Pickles. Peppers. Jams. Jellies. Mustards.  Spices.                You probably have a dozen jars of various sizes in your refrigerator or cabinets right now.  Those jars can be stars in your sewing room, and they cost you NOTHING!   When those jars are empty, simply soak them for a couple of hours in water and peel the label off. Then use those assorted, see-through jars to sort and store various small items.   

Safety pins. Snaps. Glue Sticks. Pins. Chalk markers. Buttons. Beads.  All those necessary little items can be stored in see-through containers that you can stack, stow, and store easily.   

A shelf of jars in assorted shapes filled with colorful items is fun to look at. Because jars aren’t very big, even a narrow little shelf can hold lots of them. If you don’t have shelf space, jars can be stashed in baskets, boxes, or drawers and pulled out when you need them.  

Number Two: Fabric Storage 

Boards Are Better - Fabric collectors are creative people searching for the perfect color and pattern to fulfill their vision.  

Collecting fabric requires a bit of finesse, though!   Instead of storing misshapen lumps of weirdly folded fabric, here’s a more practical solution: Wrap  fabric on storage boards so that each piece can be stored in the same place in the same way, giving you a visual fabric library ready to slide off the shelf.  

Commercial products are available, and you can buy white plastic fabric wrappers, but if you’re like me, you don’t want to spend money if you can find a way to do it yourself.  

You have two options to create a better storage method for your fabric without spending lots of money on commercial fabric wrapper-boards.  

Option One:  Measure your baskets, boxes, or shelves. Once you know how much height and depth you have, order pre-cut corrugated cardboard pads, available from office supply stores or on Amazon. Then start wrapping! 

Option Two: Once you’ve determined the size of your boards, you can become a true do-it-yourselfer. If you shop online, think of all those cardboard boxes arriving at your house! Cutting up boxes that you would throw away won’t cost you anything and you’ll be helping the earth by recycling cardboard in a useful way!  Ask Cynthia at Threads of Time for some cardboard pieces!

Lines are Fine: 

Are you short of drawer or shelf space? Do you have any uncovered wall space?  If so, consider stringing a clothesline from one end of the wall to the other.  Fabric can be hung over the line or clipped to it with clothespins or clips. If you’re working on a project requiring strips or squares of specific sizes, they can be clipped to the line and easily pulled off when needed.  

The benefit of “line storage” is that your surface space is cleared off and you have more room for stitching.   

Bars are stars, too!  If you have wall space, consider inserting a bar toward the top of the wall.  

Invest in pants hangers with multiple bars on a single hook. Neatly fold your fabric over each bar. You’ll be amazed at how many yards of fabric you can store on a single hanger. Better yet, you may be able to hang dozens of hangers depending on the size of your bar.   

Number Three:  Binding and trim storage.

Popsicle sticks are perfect  

What do you do with the binding you’ve prepared?   Do you have odds and ends of ribbons and trim that are balled up and wrinkly? Wrap those trims on popsicle sticks and store them upright in a jar or upright container.   

Again, they look pretty and will be within easy reach. You won’t forget what you have if you can see them! 

Number Four: Thread storage 

Bins are in  

Quilters, embroiders, and sewists not only love thread, but they need thread. Each project depends on a certain weight of thread, a particular color of thread, and an undetermined amount of thread!  

No wonder we hoard it!  One of the best solutions for thread storage is a wooden board with dowel rod-like spikes coming off the board at a 45-degree angle. You’re lucky if you have one of those and if you have enough wall space to mount one permanently.  

If you don’t have a hanging thread board, you have lots of other options. 

Bins are in.  Plastic bins with or without lids can store hundreds of spools of thread.  Some bins are flat for one layer of thread spools. Others are deep and allow for thread to be stacked in multiple layers, and some even come with plastic dividers to separate levels. Many come with carrying handles so you can grab your thread and go to class.  

Threads of Time has several sizes of handy ArtBin containers that would be great for thread, but quantities are limited, so if you see one that you like, grab it now!  

Number Five: Machine storage, sewing surface, and organization for everything 

Koala cabinets 

If you don’t have a specially-designed sewing cabinet, consider one. It will be a fantastic, long-lasting investment in your sewing comfort.  

Nothing will keep your sewing area organized like a cabinet can.  Surface space galore. Easy-to-reach drawers. Drop leaf extensions. Compartments for thread storage.  Drawer units provide glide-out storage for every size and shape of notion.  

Koala cabinets come in several sizes, and colors. Best yet, Koala cabinets are available to fit every budget! Plus, Threads of Time can help you finance your purchase so you can pay for it a little each month!  

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Now is definitely the time to get your sewing room organized so that you’ll be ready to go wild with your projects in the New Year!  Threads of Time offers other budget-friendly sewing furniture brands as well. Stop in and let Cynthia help you design the sewing studio of your dreams!

When you can’t visit us in person, use our handy online store and we’ll send your packages to you! 

See you in the shop!


  • Olivia Humphreys

    Great storage ideas!! Now all I need is to NOT save every scrap of material!!! I think a crazy quilt is in my near future! Thanks for the blogs-all have had very useful information!


    Love these suggestions – especially those for storing fabric!

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