Announcing This Year's Top Six Best Gifts for Embroiders and Quilters

Looking for the coolest, most practical, most amazing gifts for your girlfriend stitchers?

Absolutely, you are!

(But it wouldn’t hurt if you found the coolest, most practical, most amazing gift for yourself to receive, either, would it? Just pass the news along to your significant other or family member.)

Announcing this year’s top six best gifts for embroiderers and quilters, all found at Threads of Time, the premier sewing and retreat center of the Midwest.

Drum roll, please!

Number One:  Sallie Tomato Pressing Station

How many sewists do you know who HAVEN’T made at least one bag?

Stitchers love to make purses and handbags. For good reason. Instead of going to a store and paying too much money for a generic looking bag, sewists can create custom works of art in the size and shape of their choice. Pockets galore. Handles that don’t bite into your shoulders. Beautiful fabrics in your favorite color. Cool closures and closures in favorite colors. 

Thousands of bag and tote patterns exist, a testament to the popularity of the purse.

But how do you press that full-figure purse into crisp curves if you only have a flat ironing board?

You don’t.  (At least not without a lot of cussing and sputtering!)

That’s why anyone who makes purses needs the Sallie Tomato Pressing Station.

The Sallie Tomato Pressing Station comes with four different-sized boards that allow you to press your custom-made purses without pulverizing them. Made with tubular shapes in mind, this innovative pressing station lets you form, and iron your bags, no matter how diverse they are in shape.

Remember the old dressmaker hams, rounded fabric molds to put into sleeves or busts before ironing?

The Sallie Tomato Pressing Station is SOOO much better. No rolling (like the old hams.) No stuffing the garment with a too-big ham. This pressing station is stable, sturdy, easy to use and easy to store.

Perfect gift for the passionate purse maker!

Number Two: Perfect Alignment Laser Pal3 by DIME

Perfect Alignment Laser Pal3

Did you know that the popularity of machine embroidery has exploded in recent years with the rise of easy-to-use machines created for home sewists.

Yes, you can do machine embroidery as a business, embroidering logs on shirts and names on baseball caps, but thousands of people enjoy machine embroidery simply for the beauty of creating.

Quilts, jackets, jeans, purses, wall hangings, mug rugs, and baby bibs can all have intricate embroidered designs stitched onto their surfaces.

(You’ve seen these gorgeous, embroidered creations around the store and on your friends’ machines. If you haven’t yet explored this new kind of creativity, talk to Cynthia! You’ll be thrilled with the artistry of the designs and the ease with which you can produce them.)

Embroiderers know that one of the toughest tricks to embroidery is making sure the design is centered. There’s nothing worse than stitching out a dense design and then to realize that it’s not properly aligned.

That’s why every embroiderer needs a Pal3 Laser Alignment tool from Designs in Machine Embroidery.

No matter what kind of project you’re embroidering, the Pal3 lets you quickly find your true center. Just follow the laser. Easily connect your designs. Eliminate guesswork in letter placement. Skip stitching out placement lines or crosshairs in preparation for your design or project, just move directly to the fun part!

If you’ve ever wanted to know where to start, the Pal3 is for you!

Number Three:  Hoop n’ Press Pads by DIME

Hoop n' Press Pads

Need a way to press interfacing onto fabric while it’s in the hoop?  Would you like a hoop that grips the fabric without hurting the loft of the design you’ve already stitched? Would you love to be able to use a steam iron on a hoop?

You can do all of that if you invest in a Hoop ‘N Press pad. 

Perfect for “in the hoop” projects, applique, and whenever you’re taping, pinning, or trimming a design.

A great gift for the thousands of enthusiastic embroiderers who love tools that make it easier to create more designs faster!


Number Four: Magnetic Snap Hoops by DIME

Snap Hoops

You may not be jumping through hoops, but if you’re an embroider, you’re a hoop-handler, positioning those beasts over and over. Eliminate hand pain with a magnetic “Snap Hoop.”

Available in multiple sizes and customized for multiple machines, the Snap Hoop makes multiple hoopings easy.

Not only will your hands not hurt at the end of a session when you’re using Snap Hoops, but you’ll be able to stitch all the way to the end of your design.

Make “hooping” a snap!

You can get one for a friend, or tell your family that you want a Snap Hoop here.


Number Five: Gift Cards from Threads of Time

One of the top six best gifts for embroiderers and quilters? 

A gift card from Threads of Time, of course!

One of the best gifts, EVER. Not just at Christmas time, but for birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, got-a-new-job, got-a-new-grandbaby, got-a-new-friend, feeling-blue, need-a-lift, thankful-to-be-alive times.

For any and every occasion imaginable, a gift card is perfect.

No matter what style of stitching you do. What kind of projects you prefer. What kind of fabric you favor.

Any amount. Any time.  

This year - and every year’s – best gift.

Get gift cards now and complete your Christmas shopping without even leaving home!  Stop in and pick-up a gift card, call and place your order over the phone or simply go to our website and purchase a digital gift card! We’ve made it easy for your loved ones to get what you REALLY want, from the comfort of their recliner!

Number Six: The Ultimate Present:   A Retreat Pass to Threads and Beds!

What could be better than being gifted with a year-long vacation when you want it with your sewing besties?

(Nothing could be better.)

Ask for your Threads and Beds Pass as the ultimate Christmas gift and get packing!

Threads of Time has amazing workshops, fun events, and clubs with camaraderie all year long. Come to an event and then stay for a night or two to finish your projects and catch up with friends.

Call us. Come visit us. Check out more great gift guides from Brother, Baby Lock, and Janome.

Christmas is coming, but don’t worry. You know what this year’s top six gifts for embroiders and quilters are, and you’re ready!



  • Debbie Conkling

    Great gift ideas!!! Thank you so much for giving us a wonderful retreat center and quilt shop. You are appreciated!

  • Sherry DelVostello

    Please order me a Sally Tomato Pressing Station.

  • Carol Kussart

    Great gift ideas! I enjoy reading the blog—keep up the good work!

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