4 Very Important Signs About Your Sewing Future You Need to Know

Do you have a crystal ball in your sewing room? Was it a mystical talisman secretly passed down through the generations? Do you rub your hands over it, gently caressing it in the hopes it will tell you what to do? Does it cast a soft white glow in your darkened sewing room, whispering predictions about your sewing future? Nope? Me neither. Most of us don’t have crystal balls telling us what will happen in the months to come.  So we have to watch the signs and make our own decisions about our sewing futures.  That means we need to know the signs and act accordingly, especially if you are considering a new sewing machine.  Here are four signs to watch and listen for.

Quiet, but insistent signs from your old machine:

Listen to the quiet, but insistent signs your old machine is giving you. Has it broken more needles than usual? Is it giving you uneven stitches? Does the bobbin thread get tangled, giving you bird nests of thread when you least expect it?  Think about the hundreds of hours you’ve spent pushing your machine to do its best, experimenting with different threads, stitches, and techniques. Contemplate the numerous times you’ve asked it to work miracles, darning impossible holes, sewing through multiple layers of denim, and do complex free-motion quilting. Remember the years and years of faithful service it’s given you, uncomplaining. Consider the age and the constant wear and tear on the machines parts.  

Listen hard. Hear it whispering….

“Can I PLEASE retire?  I’m getting tired. Exhausted, actually. I could use bit of rest and relaxation. Why don’t you move on? It’s time you found someone better suited to your needs, and I’m giving you my blessing. Give me to your granddaughter if it makes you feel better.  I’m sure she won’t push me as hard as you do! In fact, it would be a joy to do simple straight stitching every once in a while instead of pulling miles of fabric through my old jagged teeth and pounding it down with these worn out feet every day!” 

If it’s feisty and you listen closely, you might even hear a bit of quiet cursing every time you wake it up!  Your old sewing machine may be sending you signs that a new sewing machine is in your future. 

You're feeling unexpected, creative urges

It’s okay. Everyone has them, some more than others.  But if you’re feeling unexpected creative urges, don’t be ashamed.  It’s not a crime.  Been thinking about trying machine embroidery?  Had thoughts about using decorative stitches as a way to quilt your layers together? Played with the idea of crazy quilting, wool applique, or garment sewing?  Are you contemplating creating a project with buttonholes? Would you like to try putting script-stitched names or dates on a quilt block? Do you have the urge to serge?

Creativity requires the right equipment.

Think about when you were a kid and you learned how to pedal by riding a tricycle. Once you got the hang of having your little bottom on a three-wheeled, low-seated vehicle, you moved up to a small bike with training wheels, rattling noisily down the sidewalk as you rocked from side to side. Finally, you progressed to riding a full-sized two-wheeler, full speed ahead, squealing and holding out your arms to show you could ride “no handed.”  It’s the same with sewing machines. You learn to sew with the simplest of stitches and the most basic of approaches. But the more you learn, the more capability you need. You find out what you’re good at and what you like to do, quickly outgrowing that basic little six-stitch machine.  Those creative urges are telling you to broaden your horizons and get out of your rut. They are another sign that a new machine might be in your sewing future. 

The signs of the season

During the summer, you might have traveled a lot.  Weddings, vacations, graduations, and ball games have taken you out of the house. You were able to garden and have cookouts. Look at the signs. Fall has arrived. The days are getting shorter, cooler, and grayer.  Unless you’re a vampire, an owl, or a furry nighttime creature, you won’t be staying outside in the long dark hours of the evening. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) will be striking, since 10 million Americans are affected by the loss of sunshine, (four times as many women as men,) and since 66%-77% of the days in Illinois are cloudy or partly cloudy. Those are undeniable signs of the season, telling you that you might need a new sewing machine to keep you entertained, productive, and creative during those long winter months.

More signs. Literally.

Remember the old song, “Sign, sign, everywhere a sign”?  (If you remember this, you’re dating yourself!) But the lyrics aren’t wrong. Here are two signs, literally, that a new sewing machine could be in your future!

Brother is offering a fantastic bundle!

The Brother Luminaire 3 comes with a 4-piece luggage set, BES blue lettering software, a 24-piece Disney thread set, Design Viewer Software and ONE THOUSAND designs, an Angela Wolf Masterclass, and 800 designs from Embroidery Garden!

Another Brother deal

The small but mighty Brother Innovis NS 1750 comes with FREE Disney Encanto machine faceplates!

Baby-Lock and Threads of Time want to put a new sewing machine in your future!

You can scratch your urge to serge with the Baby Lock Triumph. Threads of Time is giving you a machine trolley with your purchase AND a 6-month membership in the Serge Fun Club with Lori Hernandez.

Looking for 12" of throat space on a fantastic machine? Check out Baby-Lock’s JAZZ sewing machine.  It's on sale for just $799!

As always, Baby Lock includes a 60 Day membership to their Love of Knowledge program where you can watch videos specifically for your machine...FREE!

Janome jives with your sewing machine needs

Janome is offering The Magnificent Continental M17 at a great price, and when you purchase it, Threads of Time will throw in an “Exclusive Bundle,” which includes a 3-piece luggage set.

If you’re experiencing those creative urges and broadening your sewing and embroidery horizons, several “previously-loved” Janome MC15000s are waiting to go home with you to bring you to new creative heights.

Threads of Time cares about your sewing future

Purchase a Koala cabinet for your old – or new – sewing machine, and Threads will give you a new Sewcomfort Koala chair AND a custom machine insert!

Don’t wait!  Open a Sewing and More account with Synchrony (in the shop or via Threads of Time's website) and take your new machine home today with ZERO down and affordable monthly payments.

You don’t need a crystal ball to know that GREAT sewing days are in your future!

All you have to do is come to Threads of Time or visit our online store to know that we understand the signs and have got all your needs and creative urges covered!

Melissa Gouty & Cynthia Cossu



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